Each of our orchards has several different varieties of cherries and our hop yard has three different types planted within its ten acres. Learn more below!


South shore orchard, polson, mt

The South Shore orchard is the first and oldest Big Sky Orchard. We replanted the trees that were here originally and replaced them with three different varieties of cherries: Kootenay, Sweetheart, and Rainier. Pictured above are our Kootenay trees during full bloom. Our South Shore orchard is completely covered by a white net that you can see in the above picture, this helps us with bird control during the fruits peak ripeness.



Blue Bay Orchard

Located just north of Blue Bay on the East Shore of Flathead Lake, our Blue Bay Orchard is home to four different sweet cherry varieties including Skeena, Sweetheart, Lapin, and Rainier. Above are some of our freshly picked cherries in the 300 lb bins that they are transported to the Flathead Valley Cherry Growers Coop in. 



Ramsfield hop yard

Located just north of Bigfork, MT on Ramsfield Road, is our ten acre hop yard. We built the 18 ft tall trellis during the summer and fall of 2016 and planted 10,000 hop plants in July, 2017. Our first crop is expected in August, 2018. There are three different hop varieties planted here including Centennial, Saaz, and Bitter Gold.